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May 2011

Welcome to the Village Park Residents Association. Thornaby on Tees

Your residents group for the Village Area.      Membership is free to every household in the Village Area.

(Supported by Stockton Residents & Community Groups Association)

If you see any Anti Social Behaviour no matter how small call Neighbourhood policing on 302930

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28.05.2011 Childrens Home

We have managed to set up a meeting for interested residents on Thursday night at 7 pm. Robert Atkinson Centre,Thorntree Road.

SBC Childrens Dept. officers will be in attendance to explain the plans for the home. This should clear any queries up.

VPRA will not be objecting to the plans unless residents decide after the meeting that we need to. Your Choice,Your Decision so come along to the meeting. Residents directly adjacent to the building will be getting letters in the next two days informing of the meeting and posters will be put up in the usual shops and bus stops.  

27.05.2011 Stockton Community Messaging

[Reference: THORNABY]


No description was given but the home owner was concerned due to the time our advise is not to deal with any cold callers at the door and if someone calls and you are suspicious call the police on 326326.

Ron Baker Neighbourhood Watch

26.05.2011 Redcar Road Rent Office

Residents along Redcar Road, the Crescent and adjoining roads are petitioning to stop the conversion into a Childrens Home. The home is for up to 4 children.

Officers from SBC have offered to contact residents individually and also at a public meeting.

We are trying to organise a meeting in the next week to facilitate the talks. Details when it is known.

20.05.2011 Thornaby Town Hall

Town Hall update, the developer who was planning to re develop the Town Hall has withdrawn its planning application from SBC.

After SBC lost the recent court case with Thornaby Town Council the building is back in limbo, Town councillors and MP. James Wharton have called on SBC to give the building back to the people of Thornaby. 

16.05.2011 Village Park Needs You

needs you

15.05.2011 Redcar Road Rent Office

The old SBC / Tristar rent office in Redcar Road now has a planning application in for a childrens home to be opened in the 2 adjoining old houses. Planning Application 11/0988/LA. We will be asking questions about the proposal to put residents at ease with the plans.

14.05.2011 Park ASB

There have been a number of minor events in the park over the past week, fires in litter bins and rubbish being dumped. Some were in view of the CCTV and Enforcement are working to identify possible culprits.

12.05.2011 Thornaby Town Council

Tonight’s Town Council AGM and Thornaby Town meeting was held in the Bowls Club in the Pavilion.

Ian Dalgarno was re elected as Chairman/Mayor with Mick Eddy as his deputy.



08.05.2011 Wildflower Meadow

We managed to plant over 200 small wildflower plants in an hours session in the park this lunchtime. VPRA committee members, Barry Hunter from CFYA plus a number of local children were busy in the bright sunshine. Martin Allen from Wildflower Ark provided the plants as part of one of his ongoing projects. PCSO Michelle Legg popped along to make sure were all behaving ourselves.







07.05.2011 Wildflower Planting

Sundays Wildflower planting session is at 12 noon in the park even if its raining. All welcome to come along for half an hour fresh air and planting exercise.

06.05.2011 Councillors.

Congratulations to Mick Eddy and Ian Dalgarno for retaining their seats on SBC for the Village.

Congratulations to Steve Walmsley and Tina Large for retaining their seats in Mandale/Victoria and welcome to Tracy Stott on being elected for Mandale/Victoria

05.05.2011 SRCGA

Some good news from SRCGA, they have retained their contact to provide Community Empowerment for the borough. They had originally lost the contract but were awarded it when the other organisation pulled out.

We look forward to working with them again .

04.05.2011 Town Meeting.

VPRA informed that the Thornaby Town Council annual "Town Meeting" is to take place on the evening of Thursday May 12 at 6.30 pm. The location for this meeting will be the Pavilion, Thornaby Town Centre.

Anyone wishing to put a question to the council at this meeting must send the question in by 6th May.


03.05.2011 Riverside Camping

People camping down on the Black Bobbies field area ,part of the VPRA area continue to dump rubbish, including cans, bottles and more unpleasant waste.
The fact is, this makes their being moved on, as it is not a campsite, more likely.

01.05.2011 Gary Parkinson

There is a charity football match on 15th May at Middlesbrough`s Riverside Stadium. Funds are to go towards helping with Gary Parkinson’s treatment.

Gary  is a Thornaby lad who made it in the pro football world playing for Boro in the traumatic years when they nearly went under. Gary recently had a stoke which has left him with “Locked in Syndrome. Details of the game are on the Boro website.


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